Budget Update

CRSA Members,

The House and Senate finished negotiations and finally released the conference budget this afternoon.  While we were hoping for the House version of the Supported Living budget, the final version landed somewhere between versions put forward by the House and Senate (only getting us to minimum wage).  Here are the details:

  • Vendor Rate Increase for Supported Living, Group Homes, Group Training Homes and LSR settings $62.2M GF-S, $123.2M Total
    • Increase the rate for DDA Community Residential Service Providers by 13.5% effective January 2020
  • Nursing Rate Increase for Supported Living etc.
    • Increase rates for nursing services by 10% effective January 2020
  • Supported Living Investigators  
    • Funding is provided for Community Residential Service Providers to cover the annual certification renewal fee of $847-$859 per client.  See HB 1421/SB5359.  The cost plus 2% will be included in the daily rates. 

While this is not entirely what we were hoping for, it is a 13.5% increase next year when minimum wage will increase by 12.5% on January 1st.  In addition, with the move to the tiered rates, this rate increase will be applied to all parts of our rates, including administrative rates and transportation rates, which have not been increased for 15 years.  In addition, the 10% increase to nursing services rates is the first rate increase in, at least, 15 years.  We are still getting information on some of the details, but this 10% might be on top of the 13.5% increase, if it is applied to the nursing rates (once we confirm, we will let everyone know).

This should be the final budget covering the upcoming 2019-21 biennium, pending the vote tomorrow.   Thanks to everyone who helped to advocate for these essential rate increases! 

Scott Livengood & Randy Hauck

CRSA Legislative Co-Chairs