Call to action

2024 Legislative priority- Milliman rate study assessment that providers are underfunded by 10% of current costs. Please contact your local legislators to inform them that it is vital to increase supported living rates.

please use the link to find the legislators for your district.

Below is an example letter to use;

Dear Representative/Senator ___________:

I am a direct support professional (DSP) at a Supported Living agency and a constituent in your district.  I am writing to ask you to support the budget proviso that gives Supported Living agencies a much-needed 10% rate increase. 

I provide foundational care that allows my clients to live in their own homes. That means that I help cook their meals, bathe them, manage their medications, take them on walks, find them entertainment, and do their grocery shopping. I also try to protect them from financial scams, pushed by those that target vulnerable people like my clients. During the pandemic, I helped guard my clients against infection and sanitized their homes daily.

This is hard work, but it’s fulfilling.  It requires patience and time to learn the unique needs of my clients so that they are receiving the best possible support. I am proud of my commitment to this job but it is difficult to stay when I know I can make more by working in the retail or fast food industries. 

Please support the 10% rate increase for Supported Living so that I can continue to give my clients my best work and bring home enough pay to sustain my family.

Thank you,