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Enjoying Supported Living

Kerri talks about how the people who work in her supported living program help her every day.

Supported Living wages close to minimum wage

Scott asks the Washington State Legislature to restore cuts to funding for supported living workers.

More Independent Thanks to Supported Living

Faith shares her story of living in the community with the help of Supported Living.

Supported Living worker talks about the value of her work

Hassanati has worked with people with developmental disabilities in supported living for over 6 years. She asks the Washington State Legislature to fund wages for this challenging work at a level above the minimum wage.

A Mother Talks About the Importance of Direct Support Staff

Kelly Church is the mother of young man with autism. Kelly discusses the importance of the direct support staff that work with her son, and the need to ensure a living wage for all staff in Supported Living.

A Community of Full Participation

This video, highlights great stories of individuals with ID/DD living in, participating in, and contributing to, their communities.   The stories communicate the immense importance of  community and legislative support for our clients, staff, families and providers.