Great news about the legislative budget!!

The legislature finally released the negotiated operating budget for the biennium starting tomorrow and it is great news!  We will be receiving the largest benchmark increases in a biennium in 27 years!!!


Ø Benchmark increase of $1.25 per hour starting July 1, 2017

Ø Benchmark increase of an additional $1.00 per hour starting July 1, 2018

o   GF-S $39.555M, Total Cost $79.109M


Again, let that sink in…..the largest increase in 27 years!!!  For those who want to see the DDA budget, this section of the budget is attached.  For those who want to see the entire budget, the link is below.


This is truly a great accomplishment and one that we should all celebrate.  Thank you to all the providers, families and other advocates who met with legislators, sent emails, made phone calls, attended the rally or through other means made sure our voices were heard in Olympia.  As we make our way through the budget in more detail, we will send out additional information about bills that impact our services, as well as other line items in the budget.  The legislature will vote on this today and then the final step will be the Governor signing.  For now, this is incredible news!