King 5 Reports on “Stuck in the Hospital”

One of the consequences of agencies struggling with turnover due to low wages while more and more individuals with challenging behaviors are being referred for services, is that some providers are being forced to give notice to clients to discontinue services.  Add to this the lack of crisis beds and you have a situation that was highlighted in Disability Rights Washington’s “Stuck in the Hospital” report.  Susannah Frame, investigative reporter from King 5 News, highlights this problem, which spans many care settings, including nursing homes, home care and supported living.  Blame is not placed on providers, but rather she points out at the end the difficulty hiring direct care staff “because the pay is so low.  The legislature sets the rates and right now the state average is $12.24 an hour.  That’s hard work for that kind of money.”  She thought the legislature would go into special session, and was hoping legislators would hear this during session.  Hopefully this gets some circulation so that legislators still hear the message!!