Over 800 attend Supported Living Advocacy Day

We support Supported Living!

The Capitol steps filled with over 800 clients, staff, and family members of individuals served by community residential programs on Supported Living Advocacy Day 2014.  People from across the state came to Olympia to tell their legislators that it’s time for supported living workers to earn a livable wage. The legislature cut rates for Supported Living for people with developmental disabilities twice since 2009, driving entry level wages for Direct Support Staff to $10 an hour, just 68 cents above minimum wage for this important work.

Capitol Record photo

The group marched from the United Churches building near the Capitol campus to the Capitol steps. Representatives Ruth Kagi and Maureen Walsh, two champions for people with developmental disabilities, spoke to the rally about the great need for increased Supported Living funding and the importance of advocating with other members of the legislature.

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