CRSA Leadership

Board Officers: 

Chad Higman, Chair
Contact: 206-772-5700

Katie McCall, Vice-Chair

Contact:  509-209-2458

Cindy Starkey, Secretary
Contact: 206-362-5724

Alpha Supported Living Services, Treasurer
Contact: 206-284-9130

Committee Chairs: 
Robbin Starr and Katie McCall, Contracts Committee Co-Chairs
Contact: 360-733-0214 or  509-209-2458

Tami LaDoux, Training and Education Committee Chair
Contact: 509-783-3331

Les Parker, Membership Committee Chair
Contact: 206-575-3917

Scott Livengood and Randy Hauck, Legislative Committee Co-Chairs
Contact: 206-284-9130 or 509-966-1998

Amal Grabinski, Social Media Committee Chair
Contact: 206-826-1040

Rob Burmaster, Awards Committee Chair
Contact: 206-284-9130

Members At Large:
Region 1 North: Kerri Harris, Ambitions of Washington.


Region 1 South: Nancy Riggle, Valley Residential Services. 

Contact: 509-522-0400

Region 2 North: Caroline Applebee, Holly Community Services.

Contact: 360-676-4126

Region 2 South: Amanda Beller, Bethesda Lutheran Communities.


Region 3 North: Blake Chard, Exceptional Foresters, Inc.


Region 3 South: Roberta Mawae-Martin, Lifeworks.